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Try not to be sensitive and always keep in mind that your Sagittarius partner does not mean to hurt you but rather he is just being himself. This psychic site and its owners are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using this site, the psychic contractors listed on it, or its content.

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Access Positive. All astrology readings, psychic readings, mediumship, tarot, and clairvoyant readings are for entertainment purposes only. Billed as Access Positive. Here are some things you may want to know when you are under the sign of Sagittarius. These are the facts from sexual horoscope of Sagittarius. Sagittarius people want to exercise their freedom.

Sexual Astrology: Eros

They would want free choices to look into. This will help them in deciding for the solution of their most important problems in life. They are very passionate. They use this excessive passion in order to put a flam in the love relationships. They aspire for a great sex adventures. This is highly enjoyable for them.

People under this sign are very frank. However, there are times which may let them show less emotion.

Worst Matches

With this, they need the comfort of their loved one to be able to show these feelings once again. They are the people who do not think much about the future. They deal with the present and thus make decisions for the better. This is done to enjoy life to the fullest during the present time. How to Turn a Sagittarius On The most erogenous parts of a Sagittarius are his inner thighs and hips so you may want to start your foreplay with sensual massage on these parts.

Disclaimer This psychic site and its owners are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using this site, the psychic contractors listed on it, or its content.

Astrology Love Matcher: Are You Compatible?

The explosive, adventure-seeking Sagittarian nature sets off alarms for the more cautious, productivity-minded Taurus. Taurus may think Sagittarius too scattered and careless. The last straw comes when Sadge bluntly tells the Bull what's wrong with their way of doing things.

Under perceived threat, the Bull stubbornly stomps in place a few times, and might just show that rarely seen, but legendary rage. Some rather alarming wrestling can become a pattern.

Sagittarius Sex - Zodiac Sign Astrology

But if Taurus and Sagittarius have their eyes open, and know the danger signs, their differences could make this an interesting mojo blend. Both signs have strong libidos, enjoy sampling new cuisine and cultural activities together, cut to the chase, and are very physical. They're hedonists who love a good party, but also realists who deal with 'what is.

Both signs may have their patience tested. The possessive Bull makes walls close in for Sagittarius; While Taurus is chill, the Sagittarius moves at a fast pace.

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Taurus travels with steamer trunk while Sagittarius packs light. Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.


By using LiveAbout, you accept our. Sagittarius is also a highly positive sign that seems to be able to retain its sense of optimism and faith in the human race no matter what. They are some of the luckiest, most jovial people of the entire zodiac and their attitude is often quite contagious, much to the great joy of all who know them.

However, they are also notorious for their innate lack of tact, as well as their lack of follow-through when it comes to the many projects they start. When it comes to love match astrology, Sagittarians are best matched with fellow fire signs, or alternatively air signs, as they tend to share similar sensibilities.

Aries : Both Aries and Sagittarius natives are active, fun-loving signs that enjoy a healthy social life and welcome the adventure offered by new challenges. Their union will be one full of joy and fulfillment. They also both share in a natural optimism that will carry them far both together and separately. This is definitely an astrology signs love match built to last.

Aquarius : Inventive Aquarius and adventurous Sagittarius share many of the same attributes, which will make their relationship strong and harmonious. They are especially compatible in the bedroom, as both enjoy having an active, innovative sex life.

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They are both also individuals that tend to be highly interesting, making for many wonderful discussions, and they both also thrive on change, variety and adventure. Leo : Both Leo and Sagittarius share a great love of adventure, drama, and freedom.