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The Upagrahas have a vicious reputation. By many astrologers, they are considered to be dark and destructive forces within the chart.

Where do they fit in

However, as we have seen in The Effects of the Shadow Planets in Vedic Astrology, The Upagrahas Part 2 of 3 , certain placements and situations will allow them to act constructively within the horoscope. The shadow planets are disembodied forces that need a body to work through, which is why they are often considered to be like spirits.

Gulika Mandi- A Tail Piece

These are the third grouping of the shadow planets. They too have an influence on the chart, as a resonance or echo of their planetary fathers. The position of the Upagrahas of the Kala Vela group are derived from the time of day related to their fathers.

Their placement in the chart reveals hidden points of power or weakness that may otherwise go unnoticed. The Kala Velas are said to be the Shadowy Sons of the embodied planets. In these older texts you will also find antiquated listings of the effects of many of these Upagrahas. See the table below for the known names and correlations of the Kala Velas. However, our focus will be on interpreting these points, as any good Vedic Astrological Software will calculate these for you.

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All other Upagrahas, possess only half the power of Gulika in the ability to cause evil. These same principles will be true for Paridhi the son of Chandra when the Moon is waning in the horoscope and Ardhaprahara the son of Budha when Mercury is considered a cruel planet by general principles of astrology.

These Kala Velas, when well situated, benefit the houses in a similar fashion as Yamaghantaka.

Gulika (Maandi)

These Kala Velas, when well situated, tend to give strength, courage, initiative, power, fortitude and consistency within the area of life represented by the houses in which they are placed. However, this usually only occurs in the 3 rd , 6 th , 10 th and 11 th houses. Other wise Kala a son of the Sun often causes too many sacrifices that are too high a price in the houses he is situated. Mrityu a son of Mars causes frustration, animosity, impatience and injury within the houses he is situated. Since these are shadow planets, their qualities are the hidden shadow side of their fathers.

Gulika/Mandi (Son of Saturn)

Mandi is also a son of Saturn. Some astrological texts consider Gulika and Mandi to be one in the same, others see Gulika and Mandi as two separate astrological forces. Mandi is spoken of as an important point of consideration, particularly in Sarvatha Chintamani.

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This is true as well if Rahu and Mandi occupy the 10 th house, or Rahu or Ketu is in the 8 th and the 9 th lord is occupying a sign of debilitation. As with Rahu, Ketu and the Dhooma Group, before coming to a conclusion, each chart should be assessed individually. A few consider Gulika and Maandi as diverse concepts.

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  • Similarly, there is Gulika Maandi , and it is believed that it has no physical shape or form, but has a mention in the Puranas. In Kerala , it is very popular and is believed to be very significant in Kundali, Prasna Kundali and picking muhurta. It also helps in analyzing the horoscope further. Maandi is the most harmful planet among imitative planets particularly when it is related to Saturn.

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    The lord of the sign is in use by Maandi, which turns malefic. Astrological works discover the impressions of Maandi in all houses as well as in connection with other planets. Besides, Ushnashikha, Vishti, and Ekargalam are also considered during result-oriented periods.

    Rahu Kalam Yamagandam Gulika - Vedic Astro Zone

    Even though invisible Gulika is said to rise two times a day, i. Note: The table has been created as 30 Ghati during daytime and 30 Ghati in the night. Previous: The relations between planets. October 1, October 1,